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June 17th, 2022 - De Doelen, Rotterdam

Lightning Talks

In this action packed program the speakers have exactly 5 minutes to talk about their subject.

Strengthen Your Code Review Skills - Elizabeth Zagroba

Confirming that the code compiles, runs, and has all the semi-colons in the right place is the easy part of code review. The hard part is noticing patterns, noticing what’s missing. You’ve got to figure out how, and how deep, to communicate with the person who wrote the code. I'll tell you what to leave in, and more importantly, what to leave out of a code review.

Come together: the joys of the community - Antonello D'Ippolito

In being a developer and an active musician, I had the chance to be part of two different communities. While the former is strong, active and always evolving, the latter struggles to reach a definition. In this talk I'll try to go through both my experiences, showing the benefits of be involved in the developers community for your career, and what we can learn from the musicians one.

The Joy of Language Engineering - Meinte Boersma

I'd love to share my love for Domain Specific Languages with you!

TAU, from unicorn to griffin in 1 minute - Arjan Blok

I love doing online courses and for every finished courses you receive points based on your result. Your point total then translates to a ranking; from unicorn to griffin. After some time they added more gamification and a leaderboard appeared. Lo and behold; I was number 1 on the leaderboard! But as we all know, it’s easy to reach the top, but staying there is difficult.

I will show you how staying at the top of the leaderboard became the best course the website had to offer!

Macro impact with the Micro::Bit - Ties van de Ven

The Micro::Bit is an awesome piece of technology for it's pricepoint, which makes it a very accessable and powerful tool to learn about programming in a playful way. In this talk we will briefly go over the hardware features and the (visual) programming language and how you can use this to have some fun :)

A Journey from Virtual to Real - Gerald de Jong

I will show and tell about four art pieces and the software I wrote to design them. The audience will be able to see the pieces grow and take shape on their own phones in the design software that I have made available online.

e-4917 emulator - Maarten Hus

The most joyous thing I made last year was a fantasy CPU emulator. The reason why I made it was because learning about programming at a low level, helped me immensely in learning how to program at a higher level. The main trick: code is data and data is code. Let’s write some code for the emulator and look at programming at the lowest level.

Five gamification examples that could make your projects more fun! - Alexander Chatzizacharias

Millions of people play games for countless hours. It is their choice of entertainment, and it keeps them engaged for a long time. Gamification uses that strength in real life situations. Companies use gamification to engage their costumers, educate their employees, promote their products and most importantly to add FUN to their processes!

The goal of this session is to show attendees how entertaining gamification is and how it can be used to simply make daily work even more joyful!