Speed Meeting

Whether you’ve never attended a developer conference before, or if you’ve been around the circuit for years, occasionally they can be a lonely experience.

Joy of Coding tries to remove that feeling with a session of Speed Meeting. In this session you will introduce yourself to several other conference attendees in short introductions of a few minutes each. In this introduction you are invited to talk with one other participant about who you both are, and why you are here.

There’s no need to prepare yourself, as it’s all very informal. But the end result should be that you will know several persons at the conference, even when you knew nobody at all beforehand. And who knows what this networking session will result in? It might just be a few persons you feel comfortable talking to, or it might be the beginning of a new friendship or even working relation!

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08:30 Registration
09:20 Opening
10:40 Coffee, Speedmeeting
12:30 Lunch
15:00 Coffee, Speedmeeting
17:30 Drinks/dinner
20:00 Doors Close