⚡ Lightning Talks ⚡

In this action packed program the speakers have exactly 5 minutes to talk about their subject.

Zooming In on Accessibility

Frederik Creemers

There's a lot of information out there on making your website/app more accessible to screen reader, but very little on screen magnifiers. As a visually impaired person, I encounter many issues as I use software and browse the web, that could be solved quite easily, which would make my life, and that of millions of others, much easier.

Alien Warrior Princesses Can Code Too

Silke Henderickx

Coders with a secret identity are all around us...

Fizz Buzz Woof with TCR

Dmitry Kandalov

Test && commit || revert (aka TCR) is new workflow popularised by Kent Beck at the end of 2018. The rules are that you cannot commit changes until you run tests. If the tests fail, all changes are automatically reverted. If the tests pass, all changes are automatically committed. It sounds ridiculous!

OpenSCAD: the Joy of 3D modelling at your programming finger tips

Daan van Berkel

3D printing is an awesome way to interact with the physical world, in a creative and tangible way. But every 3D print starts with a model. As a software developer, I would like to create a progam that describes my model instead of painstakingly point and click, in a maze of menu options. OpenSCAD is the answer to all your modeling needs! In this lightning talk I will dive into a the details of OpenSCAD, exploring the various modeling options.

Regaining the joy of programming by letting the machine do most of the work

Oliver Zeigermann

When I started programming on a C64 in the 80s it was possible to have something nice finished almost every day. What a joy! In an age where it can easily take a week to figure out the build configuration for your JavaScript project the joy of actually getting something done in day easily gets lost. In this talk I will show you something I "did" in a day that would not have been possible with any available technology in the 80s within any time frame.

Learn, Code, Game

Marc Dekker

There is much to learn from gaming! From Call of Duty to Risk and Monopoly - a lesson is hidden in each game. But which? Marc will explain!

Why JavaScript Generators Are Awesome

Francis Stokes

Illustrates how this lesser used feature of JavaScript can be used to create Domain Specific Languages, and aid in the design of interesting APIs

How I created the most ridiculously over-engineered piece of software for drafting a cold beer

Mattijs Meiboom

Pet projects are an excellent way to try and learn something new, so when my local sports club decided to replace their manual beer draft system with smart taps they spiked my interest. In this talk I will entertain you with the story of how we managed to reverse engineer the communications protocol of a smart draft system and replace the software with our own. Along the way I will be touching on subjects such as beer tap security, draft concurrency, testing-in-production, and the necessity of integration with Google Cloud Messaging; all resulting in a ridiculously over-engineered piece of software for drafting a cold beer.


08:30 Registration
09:20 Opening
10:40 Coffee, Speedmeeting
12:30 Lunch
15:00 Coffee, Speedmeeting
17:30 Drinks/dinner
20:00 Doors Close