Conferencspane room

The conference room is on the 3rd floor. Multiple escalators take you up there from the ground floor. For people who have trouble using the escalator, there is also an elevator. This is quite hidden, so ask for it at the reception (at the ground floor).

Assistance animals are allowed at the venue. We can arrange to have your mobility scooter recharged. Please also talk to one of the organizers or volunteers, so we can arrange the best seating in the room for you as well. The conference room has an induction loop.


There are two sets of toilets on the same floor as the conference room. One is located near the main conference room entrance, the other is near the quiet room.


For lunch and the snacks after the conference, we have taken extra care this year that there are also going to be vegan options. (Sorry, we failed at this last year!) If you have any special dietary restrictions, be sure to let us know so we can inform our caterer and have a special lunch made for you. Both lunch and the after-conference snacks are buffet style. We intend to have chalkboards outlining the allergens. We will also have straws available with the drinks.

There is limited seating available in the foyer. If having a seat is absolutely necessary for you, please let us know, and we'll make sure one is reserved for you.

Quiet room

This year we will also have a quiet room where people can retreat if the noise levels from their fellow attendees gets too much. We will also actively monitor this room to make sure it won't be used for things such as conference calls. Conversation will be allowed, as long as it not disturbing anyone else. If you are in the quiet room and something bothers you, please let the attendant know.

Pronoun stickers

This year we will encourage all our participants to wear a pronoun stickers on their name badge. This is of course still voluntary, but we hope our cis-gender guests will wear them as well to show their support of their non-binary fellow attendees.


All talks will be recorded and made available on our Joy of Coding channel on InfoQ after the conference.


If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.