What’s so serious about that game? - Stanislava Potupchik

13:30 - 14:30 lightning talk

Games are a safe place where you can practice unusual behaviors without being afraid of the consequences. What is important for a facilitator is to help participants to transfer acquired sub-conscious knowledge into real-life patterns. In these five minutes I will do my best to ignite the spark of curiosity and give some advice about what every coder can learn from games.

About the speaker


In 2001, while working as a counselor in a kids camp, Stanislava started using games to coach children to gain insights into their behavior. Only when she moved to the Netherlands fifteen years later did she learn that there’s a name for that - ‘serious games’. Since then she has worked as a personal and group training facilitator, using many games and gamified exercises to engage people and trigger them to change.

Stanislava currently works as a Scrum master at Quby (Amsterdam) and is re-learning how to use her favourite tools in a different country, with IT and business people.