Joy of Coding supporter opportunities

The conference

Joy of Coding 2018 is the sixth edition in a series of conferences dedicated to the art, science, hobby, but most of all the joy of software development. This year’s edition will be held on Friday the 8th of June in the De Doelen, Rotterdam: a convention center at the heart of the city, easily accessible by public transport and by car.

Our mission

We bring internationally renowned speakers to Rotterdam to deliver talks and workshops. They cover diverse aspects of the craft, reflecting recent trends in industry and academia, as well as a serious amount of joy. It’s a whole-day, fully-catered event at an affordable price. We keep the price low for attendees by running the conference as a non-profit organisation and by relying on our sponsors’ generous support, in addition to ticket sales.

The audience

Joy of Coding attracts a loyal and growing audience that consists of hundreds of software developers — nearly 400 in 2016 — who are passionate about the code quality. In our experience, they are especially those of the more curious kind: eager to learn beyond their comfort zone, always striving to be up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques.


The team behind Joy of Coding is an informal group of six people all working in IT, backed by a non-profit legal entity: the Devnology Foundation. We organise the event because it is fun and because we believe the Rotterdam programmer community needs this platform. To keep the event affordable, we rely heavily on our sponsors.

Our supporters are usually companies based in or near Rotterdam, that employ programmers and take quality software development seriously. What our supporters have in common is that they understand how enabling the joy of coding and a passion for continuous learning results in highly successful software development teams.

Supporter packages

We have two base packages which you can extend with one or more exclusive add-ons. Non-standard ways to support us are most welcome; more about this in the ‘Customized support’ section.

Sponsorship Partnership Partner + add-on

2 conference tickets

Your logo on our website

Tweet from @joyofcoding

Your swag in our goodie bag

Base package benefits

5 conference tickets


Your logo in our newsletter

Banner at event

Partner package benefits


Exclusive pre-party sponsor

Announcements before, between and after talks

Your logo on slides before, between and after talks

2 more conference tickets

€1024 €4096 €6096

Sponsorship base package - €1024

This is our entry level package. For our base package sponsors, we will:

Price: 210 = €1024

Partnership partner package - €4096

This is our sponsorship partner package. For our sponsorship partners, we will:

Price: 212 = €4096

Pre-party add-on package — €2000

Every year we organise a public pre-party. The pre-party draws a crowd of around 100 people, and serves as a platform for speakers and attendees to get to know each other. The pre-party will have several short talks (up to 15 minutes).

If you are a supporter of the pre-party, we will:

Lunch add-on package — €1500

During the conference we serve a healthy lunch during the afternoon break. If you are a supporter of the lunch, we will:

Dinner add-on package — €1500

After the conference we serve a healthy dinner to allow our attendees, speakers and organisers (ourselves) to socialise. If you are a supporter of the dinner, we will:

Drinks add-on package — €1000

After the conference we serve drinks to facilitate a casual mingling of our attendants, our speakers and the organisers (ourselves). If you are a supporter of the drinks, we will:

Wi-Fi add-on package — €500

Customized support

We’re most open to out-of-the-box ways by which you want to support Joy of Coding. Please contact us to discuss any ideas you may have.


If you are interested in becoming one of our supporters, please consider these sponsorship opportunities. To find out more, please contact the Joy of Coding team. If you do not have a contact in our team yet, Felienne (+31 6 4721 6980) and Alex (+31 6 29 50 81 82) will gladly assist you.

We look forward to have you as a sponsor for Joy of Coding, or otherwise receive you and your colleagues at the event!

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