Joy of acceptance test automation with Cucumber - Marit van Dijk

13:30 - 14:30 lightning talk

Joining a Scrum team as the first tester was challenging, since I’m not a ‘traditional’ tester. My test experience is in automation, while the team was expecting manual regression testing.

Early on, I introduced Cucumber; a Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) tool to automate acceptance tests.

This talk will highlight the intended - and unintended - benefits using Cucumber has brought to my team. You will learn what Cucumber could do for you, and when not to use it.

About the speaker


Marit van Dijk has over 15 years of experience in software development in different roles and companies. She loves building awesome software with amazing people, and is an open source contributor to Cucumber. She enjoys learning new things, as well as sharing knowledge on test automation, Cucumber/BDD and software engineering and blogs at Marit is currently employed at