The joy of coding an adventure room - Erik Mulder

13:30 - 14:30 lightning talk

You probably write code every day, you love the wonder of creating working software. But mostly it will remain ‘virtual’: web sites, applications, libraries. What if your code would act on the physical world? This is the domain of IoT, a nice hobby for many, including me.

But what joy can you achieve with that besides monitoring and automating your house? How about a cool digital adventure (escape) room for kids? Let me show you how I created a castle themed playroom full of IoT and code that brings both me and my kids a lot of joy!

About the speaker


Erik Mulder is an experienced Java developer who loves JVM languages and IoT. Erik is also a father of three young kids. He wanted to combine all these worlds in a project, so he created a digital adventure room! Erik works at QSD on challenging Java backend projects.