An ode to technical debt - Egbert Teeselink

13:30 - 14:30 lightning talk

It is now common knowledge among programmers that technical debt, a fancy word for shitty code, is bad and that you should avoid it. In fact, the term itself (invented to explain to pointy-haired bosses why the feature still isn’t done yet) carries with it an explicit negative connotation.

This is wrong, because technical debt is fantastic! Or, well, it can be. Especially if you’re running a startup. In this talk I will share how I learned to stopped worrying and love the debt. And why I hope that you, soon, will love it too.

About the speaker


Co-founder and CTO of chat startup TalkJS. TalkJS lets you build full-featured chat into your websites and mobile apps. I lead the dev team and harass customers.