The people behind Joy of Coding are an informal group, backed by a legal entity (the Devnology Foundation). We are organising this for fun, not for profit.

Felienne Hermans

I am assistant professor and speaker. I strive to make programming better and easier for non-programmers. I love functional programming and board games.


Martin van Amersfoorth

As do most of you, I enjoy coding - especially using a functional language, such as Clojure. I'm married, with children, and outside of family life and coding I am coaching a soccer team of 9-year olds.


Cies Breijs

I'm a dad and a husband and a firm believer in mass-enlightenment. An open source enthousiast who adheres to a mostly vegan diet and prefers to keep the brain immersed in techno music.



Joy of Coding 2016 is the fourth in a series of conferences dedicated to software development. We are very grateful to everyone who has contributed to our conference in the previous editions: Freek Leemhuis, Anna Gos, Jacques Bouman, Mark van Straten, Daan van Berkel, Jettro Coenradie and Marc Lainez.

Previous editions

2015: website - photos - recorded talks - after movie
2014: website - photos - recorded talks
2013: website - photos - recorded talks

Arne Timmerman

Software engineer and community facilitator. I enjoy working in teams and crafting simple solutions that are fun to use. I'm a proud board member of Devnology and organizer of the Joy of Coding conference since the first edition in 2013.


Rino Kadijk

believe that technology isn't the solution to every issue in the technology industry. I try to "automate everything" in my day job. In my spare time I contribute to the Axon CQRS framework.