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June 23rd, 2023 - De Doelen, Rotterdam

How shit works: Databases

The last decade has seen a proliferation in data storage technologies, from MongoDB to ElasticSearch to Riak to Datomic and so many others: relational databases, document stores, key-value stores… oh my! So many choices, so much confusion. While fundamentally different products, all of these solve the same age-old problem: that of storing and managing data on a persistent medium. Yet despite using them every day, we are often confounded by how they operate, treating them as magical devices that require special care. No more! They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing… care to find out?

Tomer Gabel

A programming junkie and computer history aficionado, Tomer's been an avid software professional for almost two decades, during which he's built any number of (predominantly back-end) systems, cofounded two major Israeli user groups (Java.IL and Underscore), organized an annual Scala conference (Scalapeño) and is a recurring speaker at software conferences. Plying his trade as a gun-for-hire at Substrate, he secretly still hopes to realize his childhood dream of becoming a lion tamer.