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June 23rd, 2023 - De Doelen, Rotterdam

Programming's Greatest Mistakes

Most of the time when we make mistakes in our code, a message gets displayed wrong or an invoice doesn’t get sent. But sometimes when people make mistakes in code, things literally explode, or bankrupt companies, or make web development a living hell for millions of programmers for years to come.

Join Mark on a tour through some of the worst mistakes in the history of programming. Learn what went wrong, why it went wrong, how much it cost, and how things are really funny when they’re not happening to you.

Mark Rendle

Mark is a software engineering teacher and consultant based in the UK. He specialises in back-end development with .NET but is aware that other programming disciplines and ecosystems exist. He gets to travel the world delivering workshops and speaking at conferences because he's incredibly lucky and he knows it. In his spare time he plays bass guitar and eats toast.