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Joy of Coding
June 23rd, 2023 - De Doelen, Rotterdam

Lightning Talks

In this action packed program, the speakers have exactly 5 minutes to talk about their subject.

Coder Burnout. Rust and Rehabilitation.

Twitter LogoGerald de Jong

"I recently spent some time writing Rust code with my son (who.. does that!?), but it wasn't easy for him, while it should have been because he is excellent at it, faster than me by a factor. Something was wrong, very wrong. Whereas I felt the Joy of Coding as always, he had lost it. We treated the coding together as therapy, just two rustaceans. In my talk I will also sing the praises of the Rust language."

The wonder of Open Source

Twitter LogoTies van de Ven

"Open source is an amazing thing and not be taken for granted. This is the story on how I learned to appreciate what we have."

Public static void main 🎶

Twitter LogoHanno Embregts
Twitter LogoMarit van Dijk

"Why just type the words “public static void main”, when you can also sing them? This talk-slash-pop-quiz is about 15 songs that will work with “public static void main” as the lyrics, enabling you to fully enjoy writing main methods while impressing your colleagues with your musical creativity at the same time."

The Joy of Coding Competitions

Twitter LogoBert Jan Schrijver

"It's been a while since I've worked on a full time development project. But I love coding.. so how do I stay in touch with my inner developer? By participating in coding competitions! These types of events typically challenge you by solving a difficult problem or delivering a solution in the least amount of time - or even in the least amount of characters of code. In this fast-paced talk, I'll introduce you into the world of coding competitions. I'll talk about challenge types, approaches, strategy, the community aspect and I'll share a couple of examples from competitions and challenges I participated in. Join me and learn about the Joy of Coding Competitions!"

The Joy of Coding and Beekeeping 🐝

Twitter LogoMark van Straten

"When I started beekeeping I never thought that there would be so much that I could apply from my software engineering experience to it. But also that I would learn things that I could take back to my professional career. Join me in this short lighthearted talk where I will share the joy of coding and beekeeping."

Are you testing your unit tests?

Twitter LogoSoham Dasgupta

"Unit tests are the de-facto way to validate the code we write. But do you know how good are your unit tests? How much coverage do you have? Do you have tests for all possible scenarios? What if I say with a simple maven plugin you can validate and put a coverage percentage to your unit tests. In this 5 minutes let me take you on a quick journey on pi-test/mutation test and show you how you can easily achieve this on your build pipeline."

Serverless Kotlin in seconds with Kotless

Twitter LogoLaurens Leeuwis

"Kotless is a tool which makes deploying Kotlin as a serverless AWS lambda function very easy. Join this talk to see how a scheduled call to a weather API can notify you to start your day prepared. All in the free tier."

The IKEA effect; writing my own code is fulfilling, but not always smart

Twitter LogoWillem Cheizoo

"Writing my own piece of code is amazing. When the code is just written beautiful, with nice tests and good documentation. Even when a lot of other developers use my code all the pieces fall together and it is so fulfilling. It gives me such a great joy of coding, but I absolutely fell for the IKEA effect. A few months later I bump into a GitHub repository with functionality similar to mine. Oh no? Is mine better? Is this one? Should I feel dissappointed? Should I tell anybody, or should I just continue maintaining my code? I feel proud of my own code, we all do. But I do want the best for the product, the best for maintenance and future-proof. Let me explain what I did."