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June 23rd, 2023 - De Doelen, Rotterdam

Raw Wasm: Hand-crafted WebAssembly Demos

Over the past few years, I’ve been making small (each is less than 2KiB), hand-written demos in WebAssembly. I’ve also written a few blog posts about the largest (see raw wasm: making a maze race, part 1 and part 2). In this talk, I’ll give an overview about the project, including how I made the demos, some of the fun tricks I used to keep file sizes small, and even how it can be useful!

Ben Smith

Ben Smith is a software engineer specializing in low-level systems and programming languages. Over his career, he's had the opportunity to work on award-winning games, implement new JavaScript engine features, and be a part of a team helping to design, develop and standardize WebAssembly. In his spare time, he loves building emulators for game consoles and optimizing code to do amazing things in thousands of bytes.