Sonja is a semi-nomadic visual designer interested in the space where technology, art and society collide. In October 2014 she earned a Master's in Sustainable Design from Kingston University in London, then relocated to Chunky Bac... Berlin. She currently works as a prototype developer for Siili.

Hobby-oriented programming

A hobby can be defined as any regular activity, that someone engages in for enjoyment. Activities range from artistic crafts, playing an instrument, making homemade food and drink to collecting strange items ...or experimenting with code.

With continuous practice the hobbyist will acquire significant skill and knowledge in a particular field, which allows him or her to apply it in a serious manner, e.g. the Linux kernel started as a student's hobby.

Hobby-oriented programming not only defines developer types (amateur and professional), but furthermore explores the correlation between a programmer's happiness and leisure time activities.